How to Pack Like a Pro For Your Next Vacation

How to Pack Like a Pro For Your Next Vacation

Okay, so this may not sound interesting to some of you, but I assure you it should be a topic of interest. Packing for your trip is important. Unless you’re my husband who only packs one pair of socks, one pair of underwear, and 12 of his favorite t-shirts. There is some methodology to what goes in your suitcase and how it goes in. You don’t have to be a genius to figure it out, but it does help to get a little direction on the matter.

The biggest mistake for most travelers is the lack of planning when it comes to packing. Unless you plan on buying an extra large suitcase and paying that extra fee at the airport for an oversized bag, following these few simple tricks should save you time and money. And who couldn’t use more of that?

For instance, pack according to the trip you are taking. If you are headed to a beach get-a-way, then don’t include your hiking shoes or waterproof coat you just purchased with JD Sports Groupon Discount Codes. You need to think of the things you will need versus the things you want. You can still shop at the wonderful JD Sports, but maybe buy a beach towel or fishing pole instead of something useless.

Another huge hinder on packing for vacation? The WAY you pack. Don’t stuff everything into your suitcase like it’s a gym locker. Instead, take some time to plan your approach. One easy way to do this is to utilize the roll method, which is very common in military practice. Basically, you just roll everything as tight as you can and it takes up 75% less space! Just think about how much room that will save for souvenirs.

Lastly, save room for souvenirs. You know you will be buying some, so why not plan accordingly?

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